B89 apple printed
B41 bathing suit pleaded, fresia. Sold out (Available in other colours)
B20VAR framboise striped
C15VAR ivory red polkadots
C89 black & ivory striped
B31 ivory pleaded suit, cherry pin.
C81 black high waisted bikini, pleaded cups and apron
B22 bathing suit shorty, yellow striped print
B30 bathing suit with pleaded body, wired cups, red.
C15 yellow, white polkadots
B40VAR red dots
B41 bathing suit pleaded, flowers print
B41red white dots
C92 flowers print
B22 suit, shorty, dark grey striped print. Rose pins incl.
B87 black crossed halter
B163VAR strapless orange-magenta pleaded
B86 black, pleaded apron, large bow in front
B23 Black
C11 Black/ivory bow
C91 flowers
B84, black & ivory
C10 Amarenen (sold out)